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looking for programmer and musican

2009-05-18 21:58:36 by Hirachi

ok anybody here no how to do some decent programming and make some kick ass music well can you join my just a dumb teen he can draw good. dont be an ass and say you did all the work when you know its equals. i might not be a flasher but im good at pivot

looking for programmer and musican


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2009-05-18 22:00:59

12 year olds aren't allowed on Newgrounds.

(Updated ) Hirachi responds:

they arent??? and basically im 13 cause my birthday is on june 20th


2009-05-18 22:01:51

You need a programmer, musician, and artist, eh? What will you be doing then?

Hirachi responds:

ill be doing the art


2009-05-25 13:14:51

You sure about that? :]

Hirachi responds:

who are you??


2009-05-31 13:53:16

pivot is totally not the same as flash. pivot is way easier. it requires no skill at all.
btw keep it quite, 12 year olds aren't allowed here. so don't say im just a 12 year old.

Hirachi responds:

pivot does require skill you think its just like that?


2009-05-31 15:08:23

to be in power of 3 you have to have an award.

and not be 12.


2009-05-31 15:23:29

I wouldn't want my programming to be in something as horrible-looking as that.

Hirachi responds:

your game doesnt even load. i wouldnt want it with that


2009-05-31 15:33:18

You're gonna do the art?



2009-05-31 16:51:10

give him a break, it's not his fault he's young, so what, he won out of all the billions of little sperms, what if another sperm did that, what if he/she did worse then him/her... THEN WHAT WOULD YOU SAY...

My lil sis - Your grose
Me - F**k You
Bill Gates - C + 6 = 10
Me - F**ck you bill... Why are you even here?


2009-05-31 17:11:41

To the x-button:

I know that he wouldn't want his art with your horrible programming. Your [down for Construction] doesn't even load!