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my birthday :D and collab about dragon ball z

2009-06-09 14:33:37 by Hirachi

well after a couple of weeks ive been working on my flash i decided to make a dragon ball z parody collab all artist wll be creditted you can use animation you want i dont care it can be a program that can be uploaded on flash. there will be a limit on people im not sure if i can get enough or alot duwe to small memory limit newgorunds have any ways i finished bannedstor episode2. any my birthday is in one week june 20th ive been bugging my parents for a laptop so i can dso my animations on the go who can suggest what i get a windows 7 laptop , or a tablet pc , im kinda in the mood for a 7 so i can make all the kids at school who think there cool with there vista laptops look lame and have old pcs.

my birthday  :D and collab about dragon ball z


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2009-06-09 21:55:18

im gonna do bannedstory animation